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Important: June 2007, Cabo San Lucas airport now has a tower. The frequency is 118.75.  CTAF 122.80 is no longer monitored.   Cabo San Lucas airport now provides both AVGAS and JetA.  It will be able to clear the custom but you need to call the airport one day before arrival. URL: 



Tania Sosa Alejo

General Opeartion, Aeropuerto Cabo San Lucas

TEL: 624-108-1100 Cell: 044-624 122-4227


Trips To Mexico
2005 El Gallito (Hotel Serenidad) 4/1/2018 NEW
2005 Puerto Penasco 4/1/2018 NEW
2006 La Paz Christmas 4/1/2018 NEW
2007 06 Cabo San Lucas 4/1/2018 NEW
2007 Whale watching 4/1/2018 NEW
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This is an area for the trips and tips to Mexico. 

Resort Note Link

La Paz/Cabo Area:

Cabo San Lucas Cabo San Lucas airport (CSL/ MSL)  Pilot information:
Club El Moro Rated #1 at
La Concha Resort Nice private beach.  Tour available to the island seal santurary.
Punta Pescadero 60 miles south of La Paz or 60 miles north of Cabo. (MPPC) Private 3500 ft hard-surface runway. 122.8   It is a 5-star luxury resort

1.Punta Colorada
2.Las Palmas
3.Bahia las Palmas

60 miles south of La Paz.  Air stripe (MPCL) for these 3 hotels. Private dirt 3237 ft runway. Landing rwy18, t/o rwy36.  122.8


El Gallito/Mulege Area:

Hotel Serenidad (MGLL) private dirt 4000 ft runway. 122.8


Puerto Penasco Area: