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2005_El Gallito_(Hotel Serenidad)
Airport in sight (straight ahead dirt runway, on the right is Mulege airport  dirt rwy
Airport in sight (straight ahead dirt runway, on the right is Mulege airport dirt rwy
Clearing custom at San Philipe
Clearing custom at San Philipe
Gorge is flying, not me
Gorge is flying, not me
Having some good stuff
Having some good stuff
In flight
In flight
In the restaurent
In the restaurent
Less than 6000 live here
Less than 6000 live here
Not the rwy on the right, turn left, the  rwy is by the bay
Not the rwy on the right, turn left, the rwy is by the bay
San Philipe Airport, Mexico
San Philipe Airport, Mexico
Spanish established the city and the mission 300 years ago (1705 ad)
Spanish established the city and the mission 300 years ago (1705 ad)
the mirage town in the desert
the mirage town in the desert
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