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Recovery CAF-4 from Mr. Loeffler at Gold Field Colorado 2011-06-11
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On Saturday, 6-11-2011, CAPAOA members total of eight persons take Mitsubishi MU-2B to a remote area of Colorado. Golden Field (CO61), it is.  Only 4 families live in this remote tiny village.  The 4500 feet dirt runway is the only convinient way to connect to the out side world.

 美國華人飛行協會成員和貨車司機共8人,   於2011年6月11日星期六早上乘坐本協會汪任的Mitsubishi MU-2 12人座雙引擎渦獎飛機,從南加州的中國人機場 (Chino Airport) 出發到科羅拉多州 的 金田私人機場 (Gold Field).  開始把空軍四號拆解運回的旅程.

本次飛行經過事先縝密的計畫.  但也充滿了非常大的挑戰:

 第一, 可羅拉多地勢極高,  今田私人機場地勢高度7,710尺, 四面環繞超過14,000尺的高山.
 第二, 本機場地處荒涼, 方圓150里內沒有任何具備儀器導航標準的備降機場



The purpose is to retrieve a ROCAF PL-1B trainer CAF-4.  It's necessary to separate its wing and fuselage in order to be able to put into a truck.

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如您捐贈USD$35美元以上(約$1000NT), 我們會將您的大名(中文,3個字為限 0.75"x0.25")貼放在CAF-4介壽號機身上,您的名字將和介壽號一同翱遊藍天. 只有前1000名的名額.   捐款時請把您的中文大名放在備註欄. 當介壽號修復完成時, 我們會把有您大名的照片email 給您.



專線:  +1 (626) 629-8623

ROC F-104 Fighter Wing
ROC F-104 Fighter Wing

All kind of airplane models
All kind of airplane models
Weiping Chen, Leo Lee and James Bu
Weiping Chen, Leo Lee and James Bu
Taking pictures of valuable historical photos
Taking pictures of valuable historical photos
Our truck driver
Our truck driver

Robin Hou, Weipin Chen and Larry Lam
Robin Hou, Weipin Chen and Larry Lam

Leo present a LED lighted cap to Mr. Loeffler
Leo present a LED lighted cap to Mr. Loeffler

Entire crew with Mr. Loeffler taking picture in front of Mr. Loeffler's house
Entire crew with Mr. Loeffler taking picture in front of Mr. Loeffler's house
James Bu, YC Shea,Weipin Chen, Randall Wang, Rick Loeffler, Robin Hou, Larry Lam, Leo Lee
Hanger with PL-1B one piece wing
Hanger with PL-1B one piece wing

Road to the hanger
Road to the hanger
Randall MU-2B landed at Gold Field's dirt runway
Randall MU-2B landed at Gold Field's dirt runway
Golden Field (CO61), Elevation of 7710
Golden Field (CO61), Elevation of 7710

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