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My Garmin 530 Wannabe
0 Flitedeck imports flight plan from IFR GPS
0 Flitedeck imports flight plan from IFR GPS
1 Screen glare is not as bad from pilot seat as in this picture
1 Screen glare is not as bad from pilot seat as in this picture
2 Taken around noon, it is very sun light readable
2 Taken around noon, it is very sun light readable
3 WX Worx showing GPS position
3 WX Worx showing GPS position
4 Media Player plays mp3 files thru our intercom via stereo headsets
4 Media Player plays mp3 files thru our intercom via stereo headsets
5 Flitedeck showing active leg in pink
5 Flitedeck showing active leg in pink
6 Flitedeck showing next legs (blue) on chart
6 Flitedeck showing next legs (blue) on chart
7 WxWorx showing Nexrad returns to my left
7 WxWorx showing Nexrad returns to my left
8 Looking to those returns to my left
8 Looking to those returns to my left
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