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I. NAPA Wine County Trips. 082008
A day over there.JPG
A day over there.JPG
B1. 1st stop at a winery
B1. 1st stop at a winery
B2. Tasting
B2. Tasting
B3. How nice there
B3. How nice there
B4. So nice that
B4. So nice that
C. Keep going
C. Keep going
D1. Another winery
D1. Another winery
D2. Underground
D2. Underground
E1. Another one
E1. Another one
E2. Underground
E2. Underground
F1. Little town_Petaluma
F1. Little town_Petaluma
F2. Victoria style 1
F2. Victoria style 1
F3. Victoria style 2
F3. Victoria style 2
F4. Victoria style 3
F4. Victoria style 3
F5. Victoria style 4
F5. Victoria style 4
F6. Woa! Not a cheap here_600K+!
F6. Woa! Not a cheap here_600K+!
F7. But closed! James said_this is great!
F7. But closed! James said_this is great!
G1. Last day in city of Sonoma
G1. Last day in city of Sonoma
G2. Great seafood!
G2. Great seafood!
G3. Great restaurant!
G3. Great restaurant!
G4. Great wine as well!
G4. Great wine as well!
H. Getting some coffee after lunch. so relax!
H. Getting some coffee after lunch. so relax!
K. Ready get back home
K. Ready get back home
M1. Right on top the GG_Bridge
M1. Right on top the GG_Bridge
M2. Viewing via the sky for SFO!
M2. Viewing via the sky for SFO!
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