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G.1st time landed at LAX. 04_04_2008
A. HND to LAX 1630zulu. GFS_HEC_V12_PMD_KIMMO2
A. HND to LAX 1630zulu. GFS_HEC_V12_PMD_KIMMO2
B. Approaching 24R LAX. V_2. C_700'.JPG
B. Approaching 24R LAX. V_2. C_700'.JPG
C runway in sight.JPG
C runway in sight.JPG
D. 24R getting closed 700'
D. 24R getting closed 700'
E. 24R 500'
E. 24R 500'
F. 24R 400'
F. 24R 400'
G. LAX over view 
G. LAX over view
H. 24R 100'
H. 24R 100'
I. Holdding on 24L
I. Holdding on 24L
I_1. OK. every one
I_1. OK. every one
I_2. Yes, great!
I_2. Yes, great!
J. Starting taxiing 
J. Starting taxiing
J_1. B747 landing on next runyway
J_1. B747 landing on next runyway
J_2. Touching down
J_2. Touching down
J_3. The landmark
J_3. The landmark
J_4. texing to south area
J_4. texing to south area
J_5. Passing the main terminal
J_5. Passing the main terminal
J_6. the main terminal
J_6. the main terminal
J_7. Following a B767
J_7. Following a B767
J_7. Following the big guys!
J_7. Following the big guys!
J_8. Taxing into the FBO
J_8. Taxing into the FBO
K. One of two FBO at LAX
K. One of two FBO at LAX
K_1. Parking between two big guys!
K_1. Parking between two big guys!
L. Made a memory
L. Made a memory
L_1. They will get back Toronto via AirCanada
L_1. They will get back Toronto via AirCanada
M. Lobby of Atlantic
M. Lobby of Atlantic
M_1. Planning room
M_1. Planning room
M_2. Cafeteria
M_2. Cafeteria
M_3. Pilot lounge
M_3. Pilot lounge
N. Taxi for taking off
N. Taxi for taking off
N_1. Holdding on 25L for IFR releasing via LAXM33
N_1. Holdding on 25L for IFR releasing via LAXM33
O. Mitsubishi  good job! LAX_Tower said
O. Mitsubishi good job! LAX_Tower said

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