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E. Brian Head UT. Ski trips.03.2008
a. Landed at KCDC on 14th
a. Landed at KCDC on 14th
b. Unloaded
b. Unloaded
c_1. Ready to speed
c_1. Ready to speed
c_2. On lift
c_2. On lift
c_3. Going to top
c_3. Going to top
d. New generations
d. New generations
e. Marlene and Alice there
e. Marlene and Alice there
f. Unfortunately. we were carrying her up to room with a chair.
f. Unfortunately. we were carrying her up to room with a chair.
g. Warm up together
g. Warm up together
h. Still snowing
h. Still snowing
i. The ski place
i. The ski place
j. We gonna go now!
j. We gonna go now!
k. On the road
k. On the road
l. Look out its more clear like that
l. Look out its more clear like that
m. Make sure slow down here
m. Make sure slow down here
n. They are still following up
n. They are still following up
o. Passing a ranch there
o. Passing a ranch there
p. Passing a little town_Parowan
p. Passing a little town_Parowan
q. Getting on the FWY directing to KCDC
q. Getting on the FWY directing to KCDC
r. Yes relax 1st
r. Yes relax 1st
s. Making a decesion Go or Not! in the planning room
s. Making a decesion Go or Not! in the planning room
t_1. Starting deicing proc.
t_1. Starting deicing proc.
t_2. Working on front section
t_2. Working on front section
t_3. Working on top section
t_3. Working on top section
u. Finally taxing for IFR releasing at RWY 02 on 2200 Zulu
u. Finally taxing for IFR releasing at RWY 02 on 2200 Zulu
v. Now happying a young couple. We are on the way back home!
v. Now happying a young couple. We are on the way back home!
w. Oh you too. 1st time in US. ski. and on a little plane from Nanjing
w. Oh you too. 1st time in US. ski. and on a little plane from Nanjing
x. I forgot this was during climb or appro
x. I forgot this was during climb or appro
y_1. Landed at KEMT pm
y_1. Landed at KEMT pm
y_2. Even we have one with injury during the speeding & other one lost a snow board!
y_2. Even we have one with injury during the speeding & other one lost a snow board!
y_3. But we are safely landed on 16th
y_3. But we are safely landed on 16th
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