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4th. Leg_BIRK to BGSF
A. AM at Iceland
A. AM at Iceland
B. On the way to Airport. a Church
B. On the way to Airport. a Church
C. Going to BIRK from the HTL
C. Going to BIRK from the HTL
D. Ready to go
D. Ready to go
E. Half the way
E. Half the way
F. reporting the point
F. reporting the point
G. Getting close Greenland
G. Getting close Greenland
H. Greenland no Green
H. Greenland no Green
I. Iceing cover all over the ground
I. Iceing cover all over the ground
J. Much glacier
J. Much glacier
K. All white
K. All white
L. If stop here!
L. If stop here!
M. Some systems around
M. Some systems around
N. descent to BGSF
N. descent to BGSF
O. Getting to close it
O. Getting to close it
P. Vector to final LOC
P. Vector to final LOC
Q. Landed BGSF
Q. Landed BGSF
R. Hanger
R. Hanger
S. Asking refuel to go
S. Asking refuel to go
T. Ground facilities
T. Ground facilities
U. Hotels near by
U. Hotels near by
V. In A FBO filing and go
V. In A FBO filing and go
X. Took off from BGSF to CYFB
X. Took off from BGSF to CYFB
Y. Climbing
Y. Climbing
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