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3rd. Leg_EGPC to BIRK
A. getting close Iceland
A. getting close Iceland
B. Showing the island on the G530
B. Showing the island on the G530
C. Over the Island
C. Over the Island
D. a small town on that small island
D. a small town on that small island
E. BIRK in sight
E. BIRK in sight
F. Short final
F. Short final
G. View from the sky
G. View from the sky
H. View of tip the wing
H. View of tip the wing
I. Parking at front of the tower and airport hotel
I. Parking at front of the tower and airport hotel
J. It is a busy FBO
J. It is a busy FBO
K. Seatting area
K. Seatting area
L. FBO entry
L. FBO entry
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