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Want to ask the captain to get a jump seat in a 747 bound to USA?  Well, you are out of luck afer 911.  How about the captain is your freind?  Still a NO.    But he can take some pictures during the flight and let you in after the plane is landed.  Too bad in these days.  But having pictures is better than nothing.

Jump seat in Boeing 747-400
Captain In Charge
Captain In Charge
Copilot @ FL370
Copilot @ FL370
James the copilot
James the copilot
Mfd Fmc EngMonitor
Mfd Fmc EngMonitor
NavCom yeh they chat on 123 too.JPG
NavCom yeh they chat on 123 too.JPG
PFD @ Mach  FL370.JPG
PFD @ Mach FL370.JPG
System Panel
System Panel
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