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10/28/2011 09:31:18
Flying in Tianjin China Sky - 在中国飞行, 天津窦家庄机场
James Bu

Visit our buddy member Mr. R Dou's private ranch at Tianjin China. This is also his own private airport.  Because of him, I had a chance to flying in the China's sky.  I and my family was treated by the traditional Chinese hospitality by Dou family.  We are greatly appreciated.      R Dou want me to tell everyone that you are welcome to visit him at Tianjin.

2011年9月26日拜访了小窦在天津的农场, 也是他的私人机场.  让我有机会在中国的天空飞行。 窦家的兄弟们热情款待我们一家。 最难忘的是第一次使用的大餐桌,足足可座20人,桌上摆满了农场自己种的各色菜肴。 另外也有本地的特色玉米饼子。  我们真是受宠若继! 最后还到园子里摘枣子,拔花生。 体验难得的农村生活!

窦家农场在天津市郊,空气好,地方大,非常适合飞行。 在此小窦要我向大家说欢迎到天津拜访他的农场。

Dou's private ranch and air field. 窦家庄私人农场和机场
Dou's private ranch and air field. 窦家庄私人农场和机场
The big white hanger parked 10 airplanes for sale as Mr. Dou has also established the light sport aircraft (LSA) agency and assembly business.
Air field surrounded by ranch lake. 湖环绕着跑道
Air field surrounded by ranch lake. 湖环绕着跑道
City of Dou families - 窦家庄
City of Dou families - 窦家庄

Happy flying R-44
Happy flying R-44
Pick up dates in the ranch farm. 摘枣子
Pick up dates in the ranch farm. 摘枣子
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