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Hawaii Flying trip 2010-08-16
It is a wonderful experience to flying in Hawaii. I flew a C172 trip to cover Hawaii's 5 islands. Oahu, Molokai, Maui, Kaho Olawe and Lanai. Thanks to the Moore Flying Club and the instructor Charles who helped me a wonderful tour!
Moore Air Flying Club  
Moore Air Flying Club
Taxi at Honolulu International Airport PHNL
Taxi at Honolulu International Airport PHNL
Hold short at RWY 22 PHNL, a very busy class-B airport
Hold short at RWY 22 PHNL, a very busy class-B airport
Oahu, Diamond Head at the nose
Oahu, Diamond Head at the nose
Kalaupapa Airport (PHLU) at Molokai island
Kalaupapa Airport (PHLU) at Molokai island
This is the most beautiful airport among all. Short runway but pretty view. This community can only be reach by air because there is no sea port and a very narrow trail that has been destroyed by rain.
Cessna Caravan at Kalaupapa
Cessna Caravan at Kalaupapa
Can you believe the only turbo prop available among all Hawaii are the Caravan? There is no MU-2, Meridian, King Air, ...etc.
The scene of Jurassic Park...where the heli approach from the sea.
The scene of Jurassic Park...where the heli approach from the sea.
This is at north shore of beautiful Molokai island.
Water fall at Maui
Water fall at Maui
Lanai island
Lanai island
Chinese Hat island over Oahu
Chinese Hat island over Oahu
The beach we stay in Oahu
The beach we stay in Oahu
Turtle Beach, north shore Oahu
Turtle Beach, north shore Oahu
Dole plantation, the largest maze in the world.
Dole plantation, the largest maze in the world.
The maze is made by pineapple trees
Hawaii cocktail
Hawaii cocktail
Fish in Hanauma Bay
Fish in Hanauma Bay
Fish say: Welcome to my home!
Fish say: Welcome to my home!
Big green turtle
Big green turtle
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